Upcoming Features: Support for ASP.NET MVC 6

Where do you look when something on the site is not behaving?

Websites can be complicated, and a very small mistake can take the whole site down. HealthCheck is a nuget package which monitors the critical stuff. So if you ever ask “Is the database alive?”, “Is the email server working?” or “Is debug mode off?” HealthCheck’s the answer.

HealthCheck should be the first thing you run after deploying

There are two different kind of errors, coding errors and deployment errors; coding errors should be picked up by compiling and debugging, while deployment errors should be picked up by HealthCheck page. So next time, when the site is down or re-deployed to a new server, just run the HealthCheck page and fix all red crosses.

SSW HealthCheck keeps track of your application dependencies that are outside of your control

It is an extension to your integration tests making it a natural part of your ALM

This product is open source and does not require any licensing

Easy to install and plug in

SSW HealthCheck is easy to get up and running. It is extensible for complicated problems.

  •  One page to see the health of your web application
  •  Easy installation into your existing web application via NuGet
  •  Create your own custom checks, fully pluggable interface
  •  Change look and feel, it is fully customizable
  •  Responsive UI powered by twitter bootstrap
  •  Real-time feedback powered by SignalR, no need to hit “F5”
  •  Support for ASP.NET MVC 4, MVC 5 and WebForms

Easy integration

Here is a sample HealthCheck page integrated into default ASP.NET MVC5 Web Application
Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 4.11.52 pm